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As a tranction Auto-Taper machine, with the function of adjust the wrapping length, the product has various advantages, such as complicated tape-wrapping technology, dragging and wrapping the wire at initial position, setting the length of wrapping in adv

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Product Specifications

Dimension           500x523x467mm

Input Voltage             110V/220V AC (±10%)

Gas Source Pressure   0.5-0.6MPa

Feeding Speed            0-200mm/s

Handpiece Speed        60-550 rpm

Tape Width                 9-19mm

Harness Diameter:      3-18mm

Tape Roller External Diameter≤110mm,or customized

Diameter of Tape Mandrel38mm,32mm, or customized

Tape Material         PVC, Cloth, Felt, etc.

Product Feature

Incorporating the state of art technologies in mechanics, detection and automation, the L Taper I/II-BS machine makes the harness winding process more convenient, more efficient and more intelligent.

Set Taping Distance:

By setting the wrapping distance , the machine tremendously raises the production efficiency. The errors can be controlled at ±20mm when wrapping a two-meter-long tape.

Pneumatic Clamping:

The wire is clamped by soft material which protects the harness and prevents the harness from falling off from the connector.

Good Applicability

The machine is applicable not only to thick wire harness, but also to thin wire harness. Most importantly, it eliminates thin wire twisting occurrence during the taping process.

Personalized Technology

The program in the machine helps operators set complicated technology parameters, such as the length of each wrapping, wrapping rotating-speed, horizontal feeding speed, and so on. The machine realizes consecutively wrapping, interval wrapping, or the combination of consecutive and interval wrapping. 

Two-level Authority Management

There are two levels authority: operator and manager. Manager is responsible to set the technology parameters.

Safety and Reliability

The protection-cover automatically opens or closes. This design prevents the operator and the wire from hurting by the machine.



4For thin wires, the machine is very applicable to corrugated pipe material.

4The machine has alerting function to notice operators to change tape.

4Good protection-cover assures the safety of operators and wires.

  4The program can store 999 parameters.

4Barcode scanners can connect with the machine by scanning relevant program.

4The machine supports 232 and network interface, realizes data interaction, and can communicate with MES .