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Our latest automatic machine, is efficient for multi-point and accurate positioning bundling,It is available for 9mm or 19mm width tape. The machine can preset multi-point positions, walk automatically, make bundling automatical

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Product Features

The machine makes multi-point bundling

 more accurate, convenient, efficient and reliable.


Turns adjustable:

The machine can achieve 2-6 turns of bundling.

Travel customized:

The head travel of the standard model is 1000 mm, which can be customized according to 

customer's needs to meet different length of wiring harness.

Accurate positioning:

For multi-point position, The machine can address automatically, and the position accuracy is ±2 mm.

High production efficiency:

The equipment can quickly realize multi-point bundling, which takes only 35 seconds to wrap 10 points,

greatly improving production efficiency; the equipment has counting function.

Simple operation:

The operator only needs to put the wiring harness into the treatment device, and the trigger switch 

can complete the automatic bundling of all points.

Product Specifications


Dimension         1500x500x350mm

Input Voltage       110V/220V AC (±10%)

Gas Supply Pressure    0.4-0.6 MPA

Maximum Power        200W

Head travel         1000mm or customized

Tape Width          9mm  (model –B9)

   19mm  (model-B19)

Wire Harness Diameter:   8mm or less, or Customized

Rounds of Bundling:      2-6 Rounds adjustable

Bundling Speed        1000rpm

Tape Roller Diameter    ≤160mm

Tape Mandrel Diameter    32mm 76mm

Tape Materials        PVCCloth, etc.