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A Taper I-CG/BG

The intelligent equipment is dedicated to prevent incompact wire harness from being scratched by taping machines in winding process. The equipment is light-weighted, intelligent and ergonomically designed

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Product Specifications

Input Voltage:       110V/220V AC (±10%)

Working Voltage       24V DC

Winding Speed       280400rpm

Tape Width         925 mm

Tape Roller Diameter     110mm or Customized

Harness Diameter    5-25 mm  (-CG)

                5-32 mm  (-BG)

Tape MaterialsPVC, Cloth, Felt

Excellent Performance

With this machine, it is easy and portable for operators to wind tapes around incompact wire harness by pressing the starting button, achieving high efficiency and high quality.

Automatic Gripping

In the special mechanical structure of the machine, loose wire harness can be gripped automatically, be taped freely in closed space, and be protected from being scratched by the taping machine.

Portability and Flexibility

With this machine, it is easy and portable for operators to wind tapes around incompact wire harness by pressing the starting button, achieving high efficiency and high quality.

The dexterous design of the winding structure permits operators to easily adjust the winding direction and speed.

4High power motor ensures the smoothness in the process of winding tapes.

4There are high-definition LCD screen and real-time monitoring system.

4The intelligent monitoring software and the embedded system implement HMI function.

4The integrated two-way protection structure on cutter guarantees the operators safety.

4 The dynamic balancing mechanism ensures stable winding process.

4 These sensitive braking system makes tape cutting easy.

The intelligent monitoring system displays real-time conditions of the machine; the user-friendly HMI permits operators to adjust running parameters; the reliable gripping structure ensures better taping quality.

Incorporating the art technologies in mechanics, electronics, software, computer and automation,  the machine makes harness winding process more efficient, more intelligent and more secure.