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R Heater-I-A

The product is used to heat single or two-piece-of-harness; the machine can be heated at very high speed with good thermal compensation; the portable structure applies to narrow or moving working space. With advanced thermal infrared radiation technology

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Product Specifications:

Dimension          500*360*250mm

Input Voltage        110V/220V AC

Thermal Temperature  =< 550℃

Maximum Power      500 W

Width of Heating Antrum77mm

Diameter of Heating Antrum: 32mm

Diameter of Tube       =< 12.5mm

Length of Tube         <60 mm

Product Features:

      The machine makes heating-shrinking process more efficient and more safe. The tube is heated more compact and more even. 

Good Thermal Compensation:

     With high power, the machine has a fast thermal compensation quickly.

Good Shrinking Quality

      After the heating and shrinking process is completed, the glue melted evenly , the tube is cooled enough and the harnesses do  not adhere one another.


      There are several ways to protect the heating module. Especially, there are protections when the machine crashes or is powered off.

Communication and Storage:

      The machine supports 485, internet, and USB communication and can communicate with MES system to realize intelligent production. The temperature data can be stored and be output in 14 days.


4Not only one  harness can be heated ,but also two harness can be heated simultaneously.

4The machine is easy to be operated with the touch screen.

4There is administrator function in the parameter setting panel.

4The shrinking effect is good and the harnesses do not adhere one another.

4Good safety protection.

4Easy operation ensures high production efficiency.