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This machine can be integrated with ultrasonic welding machine and other joint processing equipment. One operator can operate welding machines and integrated taper. the number of turns can be adjusted, fast taping speed, strong adaptability to tape. The equipment can greatly improve the quality and efficiency of taping, save personnel, save tape.

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Product Specifications

Dimension           270x360x380mm

Input Voltage         110V/220V AC (±10%)

Gas Source           0.4-0.6 MPa

Max power:           150W

Tape width:           1950mm

Wire Diameter:          10mm or less, or Customized

Turns of  Bundling:     3-7 Rounds

Tape External Diameter:     ≤150mm

Diameter of Tape Mandrel38mm ,76mm or Customized

Tape Materials:          PVC, felt and cotten

Product Feature

This machine makes the perfect combination of ultrasonic welding machine and taper machine.

Integrated taping:One operator can complete the two procedures of welding and spot taping.

Reliable adhesion: Special design makes reliable adhesion when winding the first round.

Saving Tape:Shortest tape length is 37mm. minimizing the customer's tape consumption.

High QualityWire harness can be bundled tightly through the special mechanical structure. 

Communication and Storage:

The machine supports 485, internet, and USB communication and can communicate with MES system to realize intelligent production. The tension data can be stored and be output in 14 days.