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S Taper I-C

Our latest desktop bundling machine is designed for bundling the joints or the welding joints of wire harness, especially applicable to those adhesive and wide tapes. The machine has adjustable number of bundling turns, fast b

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Product Features

      Incorporating the art technologies in mechanics, detection and automation, the machine makes the harness bundling process more convenient, more efficient and more reliable.

Adjustable Number of Bundling Turns

      The number of bundling turns can be set between 3 and 5 to meet different requirements from customers. Thus ,the consuming tapes is greatly saved.

High Production Efficiency

      It takes only two and a half seconds to complete one wrapping, greatly improving the bundling efficiency. Furthermore, there is a function to automatically count the number of bundling turns.

High Quality

       Joints of different diameter wires can be bundled tightly with good appearance through the special mechanical structure.

Strong Adaptability: 

       This machine is suitable for wide tape which needs big unwinding force.

Stable Cutting

       With special mechanical structure in the machine, tape, especially cloth tape, is easily cut with little residue in long time. Furthermore, the cutter is easily replaced and maintained.

Easy Operation

    The operator is only required to put wire in the machine and then switch on the power.

Small, light and easily moved.

Product Specifications


Dimension          295x375x390 mm

Input Voltage        110V/220V AC (±10%)

Gas Supply Pressure   0.4-0.6 MPA

Maximum Power      150W

Tape Width          1955mm                Wire Harness Diameter:   8mm or less, or Customized

Rounds of Bundling:     3-5 Rounds

Bundling Speed       100-500rpm

Tape Roller Diameter  ≤160mm

Tape Mandrel Diameter 38mm, 76mm or Customized

Tape Materials        PVCCloth, etc.