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S Taper I-A

Our latest desktop bundling machine is designed for automatically bundling and marking thin wire harness . Reliable adhesion, Turns adjustable, Saving tape, Strong adaptability to tape. The equipment can effectively reduce the labor, gre

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Product Feature

Incorporating the state of art technologies in mechanics, detection and automation, S-Taper I-A makes the harness bundling process more convenient, more efficient and more intelligent.

Turns adjustableThis device can be used for 3-5 ring strapping of thin lines

Reliable adhesion: Special design makes reliable adhesion when winding the first round.

Saving TapeShortest cut length is 37mm. minimizing the customer's tape consumption.

High Production EfficiencyIt takes only two and a half seconds to complete one wrapping and one marking, greatly improving the wrapping quality and efficiency. Furthermore, automatically counting the number of wrappings is included.

High QualityWire harness can be bundled tightly through the special mechanical structure.

Easy OperationIt is very easy to learn because the operator is only required to put in wire and then turn on the switch.

Small and easy to be moved.


4The blade has the function of self cleaning and anti sticky

4reliable adhesive tape device enables the machine to work steadily

4The reliable cutter makes cutting smooth.

4Suitable for tape winding requirements of different materials and different specifications

4The safety protection prevents operator from touching the blade.

4The convenient operation ensures high production efficiency.