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With special structure design, the heat shrinkable tube at the wire end can be continuously, quickly and efficiently heated. The structure can be adjusted quickly according to the state of the wire harness to achieve the best heat shrinkage effect.With ad

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Product Specifications

Dimension:           1200*320*370mm

Input Voltage:         110V/220V AC

Thermal Temperature:     300-600℃±1

Maximum Power:       2100 W

Belt Moving Speed:      0- 3M/Min

Maximum Length of       70mm

Heat Shrinkable Tube:

Maximum Diameter      0- Ф15mm

0f  Heat Shrinkable Tube

Product Features:

The machine makes wire end heating process more efficient and more safe. The tube is heated more compact and more even.

Wide adaptability to wire harness:

The wire harness with metal terminals /bare wires/connectors can be heated; The cap type heat shrinkable tube can be heated.

Various position adjustment:

Adjustable wire harness end support position;The position of the chain can be adjusted to suit the production of short wireharness;

Precise Temperature

In the scope of 300-600 degrees centigrade, the temperature accuracy of the heated panel is at ±1 degree.

Good Quality :

The tube glue melted evenly , the tube is cooled enough and the harnesses are not adhered one to another.  

Communication :

The machine supports 485, internet, and USB communication and can communicate with MES system.