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A Puncher

A Puncher I is an intelligent drilling machine which has visual orientation and color recognition systems. By its CCD camera, A Puncher I scans drawing and identifies the size of the hole. Under the guidance of GTS-400-PG high-performance-motion-controlli

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Product Feature:

Incorporating the state of art technologies

in mechanics, detection and motion controlling,

the machine makes the hole drilling process

more convenient, more efficient and more intelligent.

Color Recognition: Intelligent vision system controller and industrial CCD camera can quickly identify the color on the drawings.

Reliability and High Efficiency: With GUC controller, the drills can quickly position and punch holes automatically. Not only the drilling efficiency is increased, but also the drilling errors is decreased. The puncher has two drilling bits which can punch two different size holes simultaneously.

Intelligence: The operator keeps abreast of the machine status through the intelligent real-time surveillance system. User-friendly human machine interface makes it easy for the operator to change parameters.

Simple Structure: The equipment can be quickly assembled or decomposed because the base is spliced.

Dust Prevention: The bottom of the device has a vacuum cleaner cover to prevent dust from scattering.

Product Specification:


Ambient operating temperature


0 ~ 60

Power supply

ambient humidity

24V AC (± 10%), Icc = 3A

5% ~ 90% non-condensing

control period

Rapid traverse speeds



Scanning speed

Drilling speed

1.5 minutes

100hole/7 minutes

Holes of Precise Position

Camera pixels



Display contents


coordinates, procedures, parameters, graphics, status,   diagnosticsetc

manual opera

tionAutomatic operation

System Components