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CA- Taper-I-BS

It is an automatic taping equipment to bundle non-branch or simple-branch wire harness. The equipment is controlled by speed pedal. It can effectively reduce the labor, greatly improve the taping quality and efficiency, precisely control overlap rate and

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Product Specifications

Dimension:         500x523x427 mm

Input Voltage:       110V/ 220V AC (±10%)

Gas Source Pressure:  0.5-0.6MPA

Feeding Speed:       0-200mm/s

Winding Speed:      60-370rpm

Tape Width:         9-25mm

Harness Diameter  5-32mm

Tape Roller External Diameter≤110mm or Customized

Diameter of Tape Mandrel38mm, 32mm,or Customized

Tape Materials:       PVC, Cloth, Felt,etc.

Product Feature

Incorporating the state of art technologies in mechanics, detection and automation, the machine makes the harness winding process more convenient, more efficient and more intelligent.

Automatically WrappingIt is quick for any part of a single wire harness to be winded ,especially for simple branch wire which only requires the operator to pre-wrap tape manually. 

Excellent Quality and EfficiencyIt is easy and quick to adjust the wrapping speed and overlap rate by pressing the control button and to achieve interval or consistent wrapping effect. The transmission mechanism can automatically restore so that the next taping operation is ready after one taping is completed.

Simple and ComfortableThe position of the equipment is fixed, and it is very easy to learn because the operator is only required to put wiring harness in the machine. Moreover, the ergonomic design lessens the operators fatigue in hours working.

Safe and StableThe cutter protection mechanism  and the transparent protective cover can prevent the operator or the wire harness from being scratched by the cutter.



4The intelligent monitoring software and embedded system achieve human-computer interaction.

4The sensitive braking mechanism makes the tape cutting process more smooth.

4The sensitive emergency stopping button ensures controllable condition when the equipment is at unexpected emergency.

4The fault-clearing-button is very convenient to be operated, ensuring that the machine is quickly reset when the line is jammed.

4The wrapping speed and overlap rate can be easily adjusted by the speed adjustment button.

4The self-adaptive traction mechanism can open and close automatically, making the taping more efficient.