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Machine Vision-I

An intelligent device designed to detect the defects on product appearance. According to preset program,the robot will take pictures of different parts of the product at different directions.Then t

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Product Feature

Incorporating the state of art technologies in motion controlling, visual inspection and automation, the  system makes defects detection on appearance more convenient, more efficient and more intelligent. 

CustomizationIt can be customized according to customers demand.

Excellent PerformanceThe system can automatically detects errors at the six faces of the product, feeds and unloads new products, and provide human-machine-interface for users to query specific location of the defects.

Easy to UseUsers can edit at most four interfaces in the dialog box at the same time.The detecting data is automatically calculated, displaying histogram or trend graph for users to analyze.

High IntegrationThe system supports common digital image processing algorithms and each interface can stack up at most six pre-processing algorithms.Users can freely combine the detecting results which can be independently output through  GPIO, RS232 or internet.

FlexibilityThe system can adapt to different dimension products. The technician can program for new products through programming interface.

Safe and ReliableProducts are detected in the enclosed space to ensure safety, accuracy and reliability.


Product Specification

Working environment

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature



595%  Relative Humidity,

Non- condensation

Communication Interface





Serial Ports


I/O Interface


Detection Accuracy

Size Measurement


Positioning Accuracy


Detection Algorithms

Edge Detection

Extract straight line

roundness,arc, spot

Spot Measurement

The number and acreage of spots in designated area

Spot Measurement-S

Detect defects in the round

 or arc area

Spot Measurement-D

Detect concave or

convex errors at the edge of

round or arc area

Size Measurement

Confirm the geometrical relationship of the numbered items.

Shape Matching

Measure the position and the angle of the figures

Pitch Measurement

Calculate the maximum, minimum and average distance of multiple lines