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It is suitable for the heat shrinking process in the middle and end of the wire harness. The wiring harness does not move, the heating module can move along the Y-axis. Multiple wiring harnesses can be placed each time, which is suitable for the heating process of multiple tubes. The machine heating up fast, the heat compensation effect is good; The heat plate has high heat absorption efficiency, uniform heat shrinkable and compact, and good consistency in processing. The parameters can be adjusted to meet the technical requirements of different heat shrink tubes.

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Product Specifications

Dimension:           1200*600*340mm

Input Voltage:         380V AC

Thermal Temperature  Max 600℃ centigrade

Maximum Power:      4000  W

Section Area of Harness Max 120 square mm

Width of Heating panel:   Max 300mm

Outer Diameter of Tube  Max 35mm

Tube Length:           Max 150mm