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R Taper I

It is an automatic taping equipment for non-branch wire harness. Operator is only required to insert wires in the device and set taping parameters. Then the winding processing is completed automatically. The machine is intelligent, (parameters) adjustabl

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Product Specifications

Dimension        180x400x500mm

Input Voltage      110V/220V AC (±10%)

Feeding Speed      0-200mm/s

Rotational Speed    60-370rpm

Tape Width        9-25mm

Harness Diameter   5-32mm or Customized

Harness Length:      200-1300mm or Customized

Tape Roller External Diameter 110mm or Customized

Diameter of Tape Mandrel:38mm , 32mm or Customized

Tape Materials       PVC, Cloth, Felt,etc..

Product Feature

  Incorporating the state of art technologies in mechanics, detection and automation, the machine makes the harness winding process more convenient, more efficient and more intelligent.

Automatic Wrap

   Operator needs only set parameters and insert wire in the device. Then the non-branch wire harness is taped automatically.

Excellent Quality and Efficiency

    Setting up working parameters on touching screen, the operator can precisely control the beginning and ending position of the wire harness, and wrapping speed and feeding speed to realize consistently winding or interval winding. These functions ensure the taping quality and efficiency.

Simple and Comfortable

     It is very easy to learn because the operator is only required to insert wire harness in the device. Moreover, the ergonomic design lessens the operators fatigue in hours working.