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Our latest automatic machine is efficient for multi-point and accurate positioning bundling,It is available for 9mm or 19mm width tape. It can cooperate with clamping mechanism to realize automatic bundling. The equipment has stable

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Product Features

The machine makes bundling more accurate, convenient, efficient and reliable.

Derivative design:

The machine head can be separated from the control cabinet, and can be customized to be 

derivative equipment such as twister bundling machine and robot bundling machine.

Turns adjustable:

The machine can achieve 2-6 turns of bundling.

Accurate positioning:

The position accuracy is (+2mm), which can be matched with customized clamps and very close

to the end of the connector.

High production efficiency:

Because the bundling process is automatic, the comprehensive bundling efficiency can be improved, 

and the equipment has counting function.

High quality:

After bundling, the surface is smooth and the quality is reliable.

Simple operation:

The operator only needs to put the wiring harness into the clamp, and trigger the switch, 

Bundling can be completed  automatic .

Product Specifications


Dimension          1500x500x350mm

Input Voltage        110V/220V AC (±10%)

Gas Supply Pressure      0.4-0.6 MPA

Maximum Power          200W

Head travel           1000mm or customized

Tape Width            9mm  (model –B9)

     19mm  (model-B19)

Wire Harness Diameter:     8mm or less, or Customized

Rounds of Bundling:      2-6 Rounds adjustable

Bundling Speed        1000rpm

Tape Roller Diameter      ≤160mm

Tape Mandrel Diameter     32mm 76mm

Tape Materials        PVCCloth, etc.