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Company Profile

Zhuji CANU Automation Equipment Co., LtdCANUfocuses on research, development, production and sale of  automation equipment for wire harness winding,Tube Shrinking process. We provide professional customized products and service to our customers. CANU current products include Taping Machines (A Taper series), Bundling Machine (S-Taper I series, Bundling machine series),Robot Taper System(R-Taper III series)Tube Shrinking Machine (Belt Heater series, Wire End Heater, Wire Intermediate Heater Series),Vision Appearance Inspection System , and so on. Our products have been used by hundreds of  world famous companies in wire harness industry and communication equipment industry. By utilizing CANU aouto machines, our customers have greatly improved production efficiency and  products quality, and have saved much  labor cost.

Vision and Mission

Since CANU was found in 2013,  we have stuck to the mission that "Smart equipment will free human’s hands. Human being is doomed to be brilliant".  In line with the spirit of cooperation, creativeness and innovation, we  sincerely reward our customers with excellent products and services.