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Wire End Taper,Special designed equipment can make winding around wire very close to the end of connector.Perfect winding on big drop diameter wire harness can be realized.By setting the parameters of the display screen, the device can set complex trajectory, winding length, number of turns and overlap rate.Whole process of winding and cutting are fully automatic,  Operators only need to lay out and take out wire.

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Product Features 

Winding to the end

Special design ensures that the tape can be winded to the end of the wire. 

Big drop diameter winding

For special wiring harness with big diameter drop, the winding effect can be smooth and perfect through program setting.

Parameters setting

The number of laps, length, speed, trajectory and effect of winding can be set in the display screen.

Fully automatic

Automatic clamping, automatic winding, Head automatic alignment , automatic cutting, Operators only need to lay out and take out wire.

Product Specification:



Power Supply


Length of Wire

200mm or customized

Diameter of Wire


Winding Speed

≤400 RPM

Tapes Width and Materials

19mm or customized